Expert Insights: Are There Ways to Save Money When Using a Contractor?

Chances are you will have to pay the going rate for contractors in your area. Architects or designers will typically cost 12 to 20% more.

But remember you will want a home improvement that is done right the first time. That said, there are still ways you can save if you do decide to work with a contractor:

-Shop around for the most reasonable bid—not necessarily the cheapest.

-Ask friends and family if the contractors they refer stuck to budget.

-Root out hidden costs written into contracts.

-Insist that trade discounts on materials be passed on to you, or buy materials yourself.

-Compare payment alternatives—flat vs. hourly rates, for example—and negotiate the more reasonable of the two.

-Do part of the project yourself, such as some disassembly or prep work.

Courtesy of RIS Media

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