Get Creative with School Colors

Looking for a way to jazz up the paint job in your kid’s room? Try enlisting their school colors for a novel way to show some school spirit!

First, consider the colors of the high school or college your child is attending to make sure it’s a color scheme everyone can live with. If so, there are several ways you can proceed, according to the Paint Quality Institute.

You could apply one color to the walls, the other to the woodwork and trim. Or, if your child favors one color more than the other, paint three walls in that color and the remaining wall in the other color. Similarly, if one color is a neutral, such as white or gray, and the other color is very bold, such as red or purple, you might want to apply the neutral to three walls and the bold color to just one.

Another option, if you’re particularly ambitious, is to apply the colors in alternating stripes on one or more of the walls.  You could also use the school colors to paint a pattern on paneled doors in the room.

If your child’s school colors just won’t work on the walls, consider painting an item of furniture, such as the desk or dresser. It’s a way to pay homage to the home team, without totally compromising your aesthetic.

If you just can’t see the academic pallette as part of your interior, you can always jazz up your outdoor environment by painting a couple of chairs – or maybe even the mailbox! –  in your child’s school colors. With a little out-of-the-box thinking, you’ll be showing your school spirit at home in no time!

Courtesy of RIS Media

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