REO Specialist: For REO Asset Managers!

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Jerry Gerritsen Real Estate REO Specialist

Please Let me know if you or one of your colleagues are managing assets along the Gulf Coast: Pensacola, Florida area, Mobile, Alabama area, or the Gulfport, Mississippi area. I am not necessarily asking for a REO listing right now, instead I am offering you or your colleague a free service.

Send me an aged listing in one of the above area’s and I will take a look at it and let you know how you can move it faster.  Again, I am not asking you to reassign the listing, I am simply asking for an address of an aged asset.  I will analyze it and then I will give you free advice on how to sell it.   If it works then you can consider sending future assignments to me.

Thank you and I would love the opportunity to prove myself to you!

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